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[ 10/30/23 - 11/3/23 ] Cardboard Creations

This week, I finally created a 3D model of the chessboard, similar to the prior specifications that Josh used in his own version of the chessboard. Details such as slots being 1.33 inches apart, and having side pieces holding up the top, but I expanded on it by having the side pieces wrap all the way around and connect with each other for a bit more structural stability.

I also had to add a hole into one of the side slots so that I could poke the Admin circuit board through so I could actually have the chessboard plugged in when it is being used.

I then spent a whole day cutting the whole chess board out of cardboard, fit with holes in the bottom to slot in threaded inserts so I can mount the circuit boards inside of the board.

It was after I did this though, Mr. Christy pointed out that I had a lot of wasted space inside of the chessboard so I recut the sides of the board, along with the holes at the bottom of the board since they were a tad too small.

With that, the design is finalized, and now I'm working on getting the circuit boards sent off.

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