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[ 11/13/23 - 11/17/23 ] Fried Neopixels, Wasted Days, Much Frustration.

I have wasted the past two days. This is a travesty.

Let's start with the good of this week. The circuit boards came in on Tuesday, so I had the majority of the week to work on them. Along with this, everything on the admin PCB got soldered perfectly, so no need to worry about that.

I also got the rest of the chess pieces engraved and cut out so that was exciting, now I have a whole set to use for testing, once magnets get added to the base.

Now for the bad. I spent Wednesday and Thursday surface mounting Neopixels that I had removed from some broken Neopixel sticks. As it turns out though, the neopixels are EXTREMELY sensitive to temperature, and thus, due to the multiple instances of a heat gun being used to solder and desolder them, many of the neopixels ended up broken and unusable.

Neopixels, removed from the stick.

I'm really upset about this, since two boards have been used, and lost for testing this, so next week we're going to work on dealing with this problem.

But at least the hall effect board got produced well.

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