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[ 1/3/22 - 1/6/22 ] Rework, Rewind, Restart


I officially came back from break this Tuesday, (sorry for the lack of Holiday Blog Post, but if you wanna know, I made some ornaments for my family members. They loved them.) When I returned, my robot arm had been moved from my usual table to a cart closer to our classrooms PCs.

An even more fun realization occurred upon attempting to use the robotic arm. Nothing worked. Somehow, between the time I had been gone and when I'd returned, someone had moved my robotic arm, along with somehow frying the breadboard with the motor drivers on it. How that happened, I have no idea.

So I set to work ripping apart the board I had constructed. I removed the wires from the ATMega, along with taking every single part off of the breadboards (except for the keypad and its wires.)

It took me 2 days to finish rewiring this, along with setting up some primitive wire management systems.

The wire management was used for one key purpose. So I could see and access the 5 key components of this board. The Joystick, the Keypad, The 2 Buttons, and the OLED Monitor all needed to be accessible and visible so I could adequately use and test functions with them. The OLED monitor is the most important part, and I hope to share its purpose with you next week!

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