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[ 9/5/23 - 9/8/23 ] Transistors & Code

This week we started on a Tuesday, however I hopped right into work. The main goal of the week was to get the transistors working on a smaller scale to see how the final product would work. I also attempted to make them work with the code Josh left behind on his site. I think that a chunk of the code may possibly be missing, so I may try to scour the files he left behind (if I can find any) to see if he had any more complete code file.

Wednesday was mostly spent making this crude test board for the transistors and hall effect sensors. The end goal of this is to essentially create a functioning array of hall effect sensors which will go inside of the chessboard.

As of Thursday, I can unfortunately only make one row of sensors work at a time within the code. I will work to hopefully make it so both rows can detect the magnet at the same time, rather than just one row working solo. If I am unable to find other version's of Josh's code, I'll begin to experiment with my own code and own ideas.

That's all for this week, so I'm signing off for now! Pray for cooler temperatures!

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