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[ 1/9/23 - 1/13/23 ] I did it!

For the longest time, I've been wanting to switch from the Serial Monitor in Arduino to a screen which is not web based. Insert my savior!

Behold! The Adafruit 1.3 128x64 OLED Monitor! With this, I can now display exactly what I want to display for each phase of selection in keypad mode! Oh you read that right, keypad mode. You see, the board rework wasn't for no reason. I needed to have easy access to the new control setups, which I can switch between at the press of a button!

The joystick is for more free movement, while the keypad will (eventually) enable multiple commands to be inputted! Thus, I can have a set of motors move sequentially! It'll be amazing.

At this moment though, the keypad only supports one command, though a secondary command function is about 80% complete. For now though, behold the arm in action!

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