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[ 11/7/22 - 11/10/22 ] - Short Week, Little Progress

We had only 3 days to work this week due to Tuesday being Election Day, and Friday being Veteran's Day. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only reason I was unable to make much progress this week. I was having issues getting the oscilloscope to read pulses correctly, so I spent a day trying to fix them (which in hindsight wasn't a great use of my time) but eventually got the pulses to read clean and uniformly.

The annoyances don't end though. As well as pulses, the board being used in the whole thing has an annoying little quirk. It has several GND Pins, which are all interconnected, which means when I run power through one of the GND Pins, it runs power through all 8 of them. Because of this, we're ordering a new part which will hopefully get here early next week, which means I can do what I'd like without worrying about interconnected pins, but I'll need to find a way to keep myself busy for the next couple days while it gets delivered.

I have not gotten enough sleep to properly handle this.

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