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[ 2/6/23 - 2/10/23 ] Coding and Cleaning

I've mostly spent this week working on code, as I did last week. The code I worked on is that of my robot arm in correlation with use of multiple functions. I've begun using arrays to attempt to

  1. Shorten the length of my code and

  2. Store multiple values at once

I plan to use them in conjunction with for loops to quickly run through arrays.

Unfortunately though, I couldn't make the for loop work, so we're using a while loop. This will be great. Basically, the variable s is the amount of commands, and shiver is the place in the array. When a key on the keypad has been pressed, it inputs a variable into the array and ticks up

I also spent this Wednesday cleaning out my storage box, so that it would have less items I wasn't using any more, or didn't have possible future use for.

I also got Donkey Kong 64.

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