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[ 3/27/23 - 3/31/23 ] Slow Week, Little Progress

I'm honestly disappointed at my own lack of progress this week. I'd hoped to have a completed light box, but issues with wiring continue to plague my design. I've found it difficult to wire everything up in a way that will be easily contained within the box, and due to our shops lack of singular crimp connectors, my progress on wiring up the power source has been halted since using heat shrinks didn't actually solve my problem.

It's actually causing me a lot of stress due to the fact that this wiring is having me waste materials whenever I screw up or break something.

In other new, the circuit boards for the Robot Arm came in, so we'll hopefully be able to move to test them next week when the 50 pin connector piece gets in. It's the key to being able to use this circuit board, and I'm praying it all works out. Also, fun fact, but this board is actually really big. I could fit four of the light box circuit boards it on it, that's how big it is.

I've also been working on an update for the robot arm project post, which should be completed soo, so stay tuned!

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