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[ 3/6/23 - 3/10/23 ] - Circuit Board Week 2

It continues, and my god, has it been a long week.

Starting off, the electronic schematic was revamped to make it more readable and comprehensible in case of an error regarding wiring, which I didn't particularly care about, but it definitely is easier to fix (considering I had to fix like 7 things before moving onto the PCB phase.)

Speaking of PCB, my god.

We started off attempting to make a schematic which conformed to the rules of a 1/64 in bit, but found it to be straight up impossible to do so due to a 100% necessary part which had pads with impossible spacing to get the traces through.

So, we decided to switch gears and attempt to create a PCB with a 1/100th bit (which we will have to get professionally made by a company because we do not have 1/100th bits for our PCB mill here in the shop.) I must say, this has been much easier due to the traces being small enough to go through the pads of the previously problematic part.

Currently, the design we have is 100% routed, with around 48 vias in it. I'm sure it can be optimized more, but currently I'm making sure that all of the necessary traces are wide enough so that they won't explode when I shoot 12V of power through them.

Basically, all I can do is hope. 1.7A is the maximum current I've seen a motor receive, so hopefully this board can survive if I make the traces wide enough.

I'm so tired, circuit boards are so annoying. Regardless, more work will go into the circuit board next week, and hopefully it can get sent out to be cut. Of course, that might take some time, so I have some extra tasks regarding my code that I aim to complete.

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