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[ 11/14/22 - 11/18/22 ] Wires and Havoc

Apologies, but this will be formatted differently than previous posts, as I will be actively updating this blog during the week.

[ 11/15/22 ]

Today starts the consistent updates of this Master Post for this week. Let me catch you up. Yesterday, I received a new connector to use for the robot arm, as the previous piece was faulty (see last week's post for more info) so then began the task of rewiring EVERYTHING.

Pictured above: The New Board.

Yesterday, I managed to get the motors completely wired and functioning. Today, I will be working on wiring the encoders, and getting them working. For as much as I've talked about the encoders, now I will make much more concrete progress regarding them. As soon as I sort through the unholy entanglement of wires with the help of the Pin Master Sheet for the robot arm.

Pictured Above: God is dead.

[ 11/15/22 ]

It's been worse. So the encoders have been wired for the most part, and I made and attached the 10k pull-ups for the photo sensors. For reference!

Seen in the picture below is the six 10k pull-ups, along with a jump wire of the same variety as what I'm using for the controller, and the wire cutter I've been using to shorten my resistors. Don't ask about the screwdriver.

But now everything is assembled! My fingers feel too big to put the things in precise places they needed to be but on the bright side, in the bottom left of the picture, is the nightmare that is the central point for all the encoders. Tomorrow begins the great task of coding all the encoders, and making a code file big enough to make a NASA engineer cry, though I think my wiring has done that already. Side note, but that right there is approximately 75 long jump wires, all working to move a robot arm.

Pictured Above: I'm not sure if this is better.

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